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Brooklyn Health Disparities Center

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Dear Friend,

Did you know that…

Over the last few years our community’s health needs “called out” and Brooklyn Health Disparities Center(BHDC) answered the call!!! The Center sponsored 3 conferences, provided education about sleep apnea (a major contributor to cardiovascular death), and culminated sleep apnea screening of 1500 Brooklynites.   The Center also provided HIV/AIDS prevention training to more than 100 barbers, enabling them to function as health messengers and provided prevention training to 880 of their clients.  In answer to the need for more diversity in medical fields, the Center has trained over 200 high school students and 20 minority junior faculty in health disparities.  We also provided training to more than 30 community based organizations in Brooklyn!

We have other programs to improve access to health care and knowledge about illnesses that affect our community.  So many people are dying from diabetes, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease…and our community is not well informed on prevention!

keeps us on track to address the ongoing need to reduce health disparities in Brooklyn…  We need you to help us continue to get the information to our community!  Only through knowledge can health disparities be addressed and reduced.  This is why we are asking for your donation to BHDC now to help us continue to get the needed health messages to our community.


Your donation now ensures that BHDC will start 2021 on the right footing.


With Thanks and Appreciation,



Moro Salifu, MD, MBA, MPH, FACP
Director of BHDC
Professor & Chair, Department of Medicine,
Chief, Division of Nephrology, Director, Kidney Transplant Program
SUNY Downstate Medical Center

P.S. Your donation now will enable BHDC to continue training on health issues important to the Brooklyn Community! When donating,  under the "Designation" section, please select 10554- Brooklyn Health Disparities Center. Thank you.